Market Profile Classes

Learn Market Profile Analysis with one-on-one  classes. 

Basic Market Profile analysis  ($350)
A.  Where Market Profile fits within the big market patterns that exist in all markets.
B.  The profile
C.  Basic Market Structure and Context  (learn whether to be long, short or neutral)
D.  Patterns and Support/Resistance Areas (learn where to enter trades)
E.  One Market Profile  trade setup

Intermediate Market Profile analysis ($350)
A.  Composite profiles
B.  Advanced Market Structure and Context
C.  Globex, Regular hours, other markets
D.  Pre- market  preparation
E.  Four  more  Market Profile trade  setups

Advanced Market Profile Analysis ($350)
A. Mechanical Trading using the  Model Trading Plan  (Learn where to trade before the market opens!)
B. Discretionary trading (using Market Profile analysis as well as other tools)

After each class, you may come back with additional questions for as long as it takes to understand the material.

To order a class or ask questions send email to:
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