TradeStation  Indicators
Ultimate Edge Package  ($250.00, source code included)
Designed for both the discretionary trader and the trader who is  back testing  and/or writing  automated strategies based on Market Profile support/resistance (S/R).  Includes TPO and volume profiles with basic, intraday and most historical Market Profile  S/R as well as the capability to project S/R from one chart onto another of a different time frame or type.  It also includes a comprehensive back testing environment as well as an EasyLanguage function that returns  VAH, VAL and POC.  

The following indicators and features are included:

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Classic Profile Indicator
Constructs profile using letters, optional volume profile histogram can be overlayed.  Identifies  the DVAH, DPOC, DVAL and high volume node (HVN) as horizontal lines.  Shows the TPO count above and below DPOC and TPO count  at price.  Identifies  single TPO areas with distinguishing  color.
Can be used in regular and 24 hour sessions.  Colors and letters can be configured.  Can be combined with the Basic Support/Resistance indicator (see below) and the Market Profile Support/Resistance indicator (see below
For use in intraday charts only.

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Histogram Profile Indicator
Ideal for markets with many price levels (stocks, FX, etc) or when there is limited vertical display space. Constructs TPO or volume profiles or volume profiles with TPO overlay. Identifies the DVAH, DPOC, DVAL  and high volume node (HVN) as either horizontal lines or footprint plots.  Can show optional 2-standard deviation (STD) DVA (both 1-STD and 2-STD percentages are adjustable). Shows TPO count above and below DPOC. Identifies  single TPO areas with distinguishing color. With volume profiles can show exact volume at  price. Can be used in tick charts, range bar charts, etc. Can be used in regular and 24 hour sessions.  Can be combined with the Basic Support/Resistance indicator (see below) and Market Profile Support/Resistance indicator (see below).   For use in intraday charts only.
Composite  Histogram Profile Indicator
Constructs TPO/Volume profiles of a range between any two dates.
Profiles can be displayed from left-to-right or right-to-left
Identifies VAH, POC, VAL  as horizontal lines
Shows  single TPO areas with distinguishing color. 
Colors can be configured. 
Date ranges of 5+ years are possible.
For use in intraday charts only.
Basic Support/Resistance Indicator
Plots prior day high, prior day low, prior day close, today’s  open, initial balance (IB) high, IB low, 1.5 x IB high,  1.5 x IB low, 2 x IB high, 2 x IB low. 
Can also plot values on to globex and Tick, Volume, Kagi, Kase, Line Break,  Momentum, Point & Figure, Range and Renko charts.
Can be combined with the Classic and Histogram  indicators or used in standalone mode.
Visual appearance of the indicator is highly configurable.  
For intraday charts only.  

Market Profile  S/R Indicator
Plots the VAH, POC, VAL from yesterday and, optionally,  the day-before-yesterday, naked (untouched) POCs from prior days (NPOCs) and single TPOs  from prior days using horizontal lines.
Can be used to plot higher timeframe Market Profile S/R on to lower
timeframe  charts or on to Tick, Volume, Kagi, Kase, Line Break,
        Momentum, Point & Figure, Range and Renko charts.
Can be combined with the Classic and Histogram indicators or used in           standalone mode. 
Highly configurable.
Can be used in regular, 24 hour and custom sessions.
EasyLanguage Market Profile Function 
For use in strategies and indicators.
Returns the VAH, POC and VAL for intraday, prior day and day before yesterday.
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