Before James Carlson (EdgePlayer)  became a trader, he spent 15 years developing capital markets software for big banks and brokerage houses.  In this capacity he spent many days (and nights) on the trading room floors of Chicago, New York, London, Los Angeles and San Francisco.  Ten years ago he caught the bug and has been trading full time ever since.
EdgePlayer refers to the fact that in trading one must have an "edge" to succeed and to the fact that the best trades occur on the edge of the Value Area.
You may be interested to know that the source of much of the core code of EdgePlayerTrading indicators is legendary TradeStation  trader/programmer "WayneChem".  When Wayne was forced to leave trading for health reasons he sold the source to his subscribers.  I was fortunate enough to be one and  I think Wayne would be pleased to know that  his great trading ideas continue to live on in his software.
About EdgePlayer Trading
Chicago, home of Market Profile and one of my favorite cities